Melody Assistant

Melody Assistant 7.6.3h

Powerful score editor with audio recording/playback capabilities

Reading or writing music is one of the trickiest parts of being a professional musician but software like Melody Assistant can make your life considerably easier. View full description


  • Allows you to connect MIDI keyboards
  • Plenty of video tutorials
  • Makes creating scores easy


  • Only supports MIDI

Very good

Reading or writing music is one of the trickiest parts of being a professional musician but software like Melody Assistant can make your life considerably easier.

This program features a wide range of musical symbols that will enable you to create and tablatures including even complex scores such as Gregorian notation. You can input music through the mouse, computer keyboard or even an external MIDI keyboard. The program comes bundled with its own embedded software synthesizer (SoftSynth), which provides high quality output on basic sound cards, even without any external MIDI device, and includes hundreds of different instruments. In addition, you'll find a complete score editor, tablature calculation for miscellaneous string instruments, a chord diagram library for various instruments plus the possibility to allow visitors to view, transpose, play or print your scores. If you're completely new to composing music too, there's a host of very handy video tutorials on the developer website to help you get the most out of it.

Easy to use and with input possibilities from MIDI devices, Melody Assistant will help you write tablature and musical scores in no time.


  • * Embedding of the Kooplet search engine (new icon in the "Edit tools" palette)
  • * In order to simplify the license management of our products, a new "Manage my licenses" option has appeared. On Windows, this option is available in the "?" menu, and on Macintosh in the application's menu.
  • * Harmony Assistant: Management and printing of tablatures for Zither
  • * New available keyboard shortcuts:
  • o Tempo tool activation
  • o Clef change activation
  • o Time signature change activation
  • o Key signature change activation
  • * Now possible to set a note split duration greater than its actual duration. The note then appears longer than the real duration.
  • * Possible to select the appearance of the eighth rest: "modern" look, as it appeared in the previous versions, and "ancient" look, in which it appears as an inverted sixteenth rest
  • * New symbol fonts, that can be used in any text input
  • * Harmony Assistant: New music fonts, new management of the font list for an easier use. Possible to set the font for a new document.
  • Improvements
  • * When a crescendo/decrescendo is inserted, it now matched what is shown on the mouse pointer.
  • * In the note duration change box, the default value is now the one selected in the palette.
  • * In order to avoid confusion, the note head shape selected in the "Note display tools" palette is no more memorized when exiting the program. It is now reset to the default value (round full head shape).
  • * For single-button mouse users, Ctrl+Click can be used instead of the long right click.
  • * When opened, the Jukebox window now fits the screen dimension.
  • * When changing the character size in the staff appearance, dynamics and text position is recalculated to fit the new staff height.
  • * Jukebox: the purely alphabetical sort has been replaced by an alpha/digit mixed sort
  • * Improvement of dotted notes management by the quantize algorithm.
  • * Holding the Shift key down while loading a file saved with an old version moves back the dynamics and tempo changes to their original position.
  • * MusicXML import: better management of empty lyrics (repeat the previous line)
  • * MusicXML import: New management of beamed tuplets.
  • * When importing a multi-score files in ABC format, it is now possible to listen to the tunes before selecting the one to load and edit.
  • * Virtual Singer: now possible to apply a semi-tone offset to the Virtual Singer voice.
  • * Harmony Assistant, Tabledit import: management of Dulcimer tablatures
  • Fixes
  • * Editing a symbol could ruin the page layout
  • * Fixed problem of slur handles grabbing.
  • * Fixed text ornament style edit when they are at their default value
  • * Fixed problem of slur move
  • * Fixed problem of stem size on guitar tablatuires
  • * Fixed problem of beam display of a guitar tablature when an offset is required between the note and its stem.
  • * Search on the interface didn't include User Spaces
  • * Fixed problem of list update
  • * Fixed problem of child palettes opening from the master palette
  • * Fixed problem of key shortcuts in the virtual keyboard
  • * Fixed problem of zoomed user windows when loading
  • * Fixed minor problem in copy/paste
  • * Fixed problem of music playing from the album
  • * Fixed display problem in the chord line
  • * Fixed display problem of "barres" in some chord diagrams
  • * Fixed problem on "undo"
  • * Fixed crash in S3M import (index overflow)
  • * Fixed multi-staves ABC file export problem
  • * Fixed problem of note duration in ABC import
  • * Fixed overflow in MIDI import on some very special files
  • * Fixed "duplicate note with inverted stem" when several notes are selected.
  • * Fixed cursor appearance when inserting a crescendo/decrescendo.
  • * Fixed crash when forcing the played bar list to an empty list, when the score includes a digital track.
  • * Fixed problem when in accidental display on grace notes
  • * Fixed key signature display problem when the clef is hidden
  • * Fixed user keyboard shortcut saving.
  • * Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem of margin in GuitatPro import
  • * Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem on NoteWorthy import (dynamics)
  • * Harmony Assistant: Fixed Tabledit import
  • * Harmony Assistant: Fixed Finale import.
  • * Harmony Assistant, MusicXML import: full-bar rests management was wrong, that could generate rests of uneven durations in non-empty bars
  • * Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem of accordion tablature calculation on grace notes.
  • * Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem in the MUSL space management.
  • * Harmony Assistant: Fixed digital instrument group generation script.
  • * Harmony Assistant: Fixed problem in font setting on lyrics text script
  • * Macintosh: Fixed drag and drop problem
  • * Macintosh: Fixed minor problem (cosmetic) on installer
  • * Macintosh: Fixed text rotation problem
  • * Macintosh: Fixed relation between file extensions and our programs

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Melody Assistant is a powerful score editor with digital audio capabilities. A wide range of music symbols will enable to edit scores of great quality, including tablatures and Gregorian notation.

Score input can be performed through the mouse, computer keyboard or an external MIDI keyboard.

Melody Assistant


Melody Assistant 7.6.3h